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For years, international research has sought to answer the following question:

What explains the success of men?

Certainly there are a plethora of reasons, but many studies point to one thing — tall men do better socially, professionally and personally than shorter men. They exude more confident and are more involved in major decisions.
So why give up these benefits when it is so easy to grow up to 10cm in just a few seconds?

With Mario BERTULLI height elevating shoes:

  • You gain up to 10cm in height instantly
  • You have a more assured and dynamic walk
  • You naturally straighten your back and have better posture
  • You can wear high quality elevator shoes that are hand made in Italy for those in the Luxury Line or of Italian design for other lines (which are manufactured outside of Italy while benefiting from the same rigour in terms of know-how, quality of materials used).
  • You are guaranteed an impeccable and comfortable pair of shoe with its integrated elevator sole.