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Wanting to grow in size, a widespread wish

Growing in size: what determines growth?

We are not equal when it comes to size! Indeed, growing up is mostly a question of genetic heritage. If the environment plays a role in growth, it only determines your size by 20% while the DNA transmitted by your parents represents 80%. If several factors are to be considered, such as diet, the quality and duration of sleep or the amount of physical exercise, it remains largely determined by genetics... against which we can nothing.

Size in the collective imagination

Size is not simply a biological variable resulting from a genetic heritage: it is also a striking and visible sociological data. From a purely evolutionary point of view, the large size of a man is associated with the quality of his genes. In the emotional sphere, a social norm of the “well-matched” couple persists in which the man exceeds his companion by about ten centimeters. Statistically, it is true that the large size of a man is perceived as a factor increasing the potential for attraction. This idea is a bit outdated but persists.

Finally, in the collective imagination, large size is associated with values of power, confidence, charisma, natural authority, etc. An asset of seduction for some, an object of complex for others: size is still the object of many stereotypes. The impact of the size of a man in our society essentially reflects our perception: a subject to question ourselves on so that short stature is no longer a discriminatory factor or vector of ill-being.

Wanting to grow in size, many men concerned

How do you grow in size? A question that many men ask themselves who would be happy to increase their height by a few centimeters. There are many more of them than you think, including in the public sphere: movie stars, singers, politicians resort to subterfuge to increase their size without it being seen!

Reconcile yourself with your complexes: the criterion of height in romantic dating is a bit hollow and superficial, no? Increasingly, a man who is comfortable with his short stature is perceived by women as a man who will be able to accept their ambition and intellect. And that's a real charm asset!

Growing up fast in adolescence

In most people, what's called the growth plate (the places in your body where bones grow) doesn't close until their early twenties. After this age, you no longer grow naturally. In adolescents or young adults whose growth is not complete, several elements can contribute to growing faster:

  • A healthy diet is one of the first answers to the question “how to grow well”! Composed of healthy nutrients, proteins, fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy products, a balanced diet will consolidate your health and allow you to reach your optimal size. Healthy eating is not synonymous with deprivation: while chips and soft drinks should be avoided, this does not mean that they should be completely eliminated from your diet.
  • How do you grow faster? By focusing on lean proteins (lean meats, poultry, fish but also nuts and seeds), essential to help bones, muscles and cartilage develop. The amount of lean protein to include in your diet depends on age, gender and physical exercise. In a boy aged 14 to 18, for example, it is recommended to consume 180 grams per day.
  • To grow fast, vitamin D strengthens bones and promotes muscle growth in children and adolescents. It is found in foods such as fatty fish, mushrooms or fortified cereals but you can also supply your body with vitamin D simply by exposing yourself to the sun!
  • The consumption of zinc (seafood, spinach...) and calcium (dairy products, soy, leafy green vegetables...) is also recommended to grow quickly in adolescence. As you can see, diet is a crucial factor in the growth of young people under the age of twenty. Vitamin supplement and dietary supplements can as needed complete a healthy diet without excess.

How to grow in size for a grown man

What about growing in size when you are thirty or forty years old? When natural growth is completed, around the early twenties, the increase in size in adult men involves the idea of stretching. If it is no longer possible to grow, stretching can reduce spinal compression and increase range of motion. This technique offers a double benefit: on the one hand, it can save you a few centimeters in height; on the other hand, it improves your posture and relieves back pain. Other factors can affect your height in adulthood: they are related to your lifestyle (sleep, smoking, exercise...)

How to grow in size thanks to stretching

Growing up after puberty mainly involves improving posture. To work on your posture, focus on lengthening your spine, feet firmly on the ground and your chest open. This type of exercise is found in several sports such as yoga or pilates, which promote the elongation of the spine and muscles.

The objective of this postural work is to lengthen and support your spine and to fight against the gravity that, after a certain age, tends to compress it. Are you wondering how to grow in size? Postural stretching can make a noticeable difference! Practice standing with your shoulders relaxed and balanced - not leaning forward, not thrown back.

Beyond correcting your posture, you can practice exercises to lengthen your spine. By holding these postures for 15 to 30 seconds, relax your face and feel space being created between your vertebrae: learn to keep your spine stretched. Your back will thank you!

Stretching is a great daily habit. Practice them preferably when your muscles are hot, after sports or after showering for example. If you are very willing, get started with yoga or pilates workouts. Many postures resulting from these practices strengthen the support of the spine and promote a good alignment of the body. Not only can you hope to gain a few inches in size, but your look will be even more elegant!

How to grow in size: other tips

Sufficient, quality sleep contributes to an increase in growth hormone levels. Even if, after thirty years, it no longer helps you grow, during your sleep the spinal decompression that occurs can allow you to gain a few centimeters in size. The longer and more restful your night, the more your spine will be able to decompress and lengthen.

Some habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption can contribute to stunted growth. Even after thirty years, these products should be avoided if you are wondering how to grow. It goes without saying: this is even more true before going to bed or exercising.

Finally, some substances that are found in dietary supplements could contribute to increasing height in adult men. Vitamin C, for example, is an antioxidant that prevents many diseases and promotes the growth of the body.

How to grow in size: wedge shoes

Are you looking for an immediate answer to the question “how to grow in size for a man”? Whether or not we are small, we would gladly gain a few centimeters if such a solution existed and allowed us to do it discreetly... This is the case: with elevator shoes, you can immediately increase your height by five to ten centimeters. To compensate for the heels of your partner during an outing, give you more presence during a professional occasion or even enhance a figure that you consider insufficient on a daily basis, growing shoes are an ideal solution to grow.

To allow you to grow quickly in size, Mario Bertulli elevator shoes incorporate a growing heel that is absolutely invisible from the outside of the shoe. Did you suspect that many men in the scene or in politics wore growing shoes to give themselves more confidence, presence and charisma in front of their audience or the cameras? Surely not, since the growing system is well hidden inside and these shoes have a completely classic appearance.

To grow quickly, growing shoes are effective and discreet. What about style? There is such a wide variety of men's dress shoe models incorporating a growing sole, that you are bound to find a pair that will complement your wardrobe well. Are you a fan of urban and/or casual styles? Check out our ranges of wedge sneakers and elevator sneakers and combine a trendy look with an increased height of up to ten centimeters. Do you swear by men's leather shoes? Our selection of derbies, boots, moccasins with neat finishes combine aesthetics and a growing heel pad.