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  • A dynamic style. Don't hesitate anymore between urban sportswear and a sporty shoe

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  • Ultra-chic boots - Blake stitched. These boots are flawless elegance with a wing finish on the upper descending all the way down to the foot. They are very easy to put on thanks to the inside zipper and 2 elastic extensions on each side of the ankle.

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  • A timeless loafer. Plain and pure model, the fine stitching accentuates the classical style of the shoe.

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  • The reinvented moccasin – Blake stitched. A cross between a moccasin and a buckle shoe you will distinguish yourself with these shoes. They slip on like a moccasin with the help of elastic along the top of the foot.

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  • A Prestigious sneaker! Creativity, Prestige, Quality and Comfort are the qualifications for this high top sneaker with bicolor yokes of Italian full calfskin leather. 

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The story of Mario Bertulli

The story of Mario Bertulli is first and foremost a human story.

Mario Bertulli - from Brescia in Italy - had the idea to create shoes for men seeking to gain both height and comfort. By creating the Mario Bertulli brand of height increasing shoes, 48 years ago, he chose to put all his passion into Italian handcrafted men's footwear.

Today, the brand has an established name, style and philosophy and our shoes have been worn by over 300,000 satisfied customers worldwide, making Mario Bertulli the number one distributor of elevator shoes for men. US customers appreciate the quality, comfort and competitive price of our height increasing shoes.

Offering a wide variety of styles

Offering a wide variety of styles

Mario Bertulli has a wide collection of elevator shoes for men: US customers can choose from luxury shoes, business shoes, sport shoes, wedding shoes and casual shoes. All created to provide you with 5 to 10 centimetres extra height, in a completely discreet manner.

Mario Bertulli shoes are produced using the best quality of leather, by Bertulli’s Italian experts. You can also experience the increased luxury of handmade shoes with our Good Year range.

Discretion is guaranteed thanks to the elevated insole fixed in the heel.

This anatomically shaped insole discreetly increases height by several centimetres depending on the model. Try men's height increasing shoes for yourself and enjoy the immediate and comfortable effect of the elevated insole. The little extra that makes you feel a little more confident.

Trust this 100% Italian brand, who truly care about your customer experience: free and fast delivery for orders over $220, free return on your first order, and personalised customer service on hand to answer all your questions.