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High heels for men

Bertulli is a renowned brand throughout Europe, specializing in high heels for men and aimed to contribute to the well-being of its clients. Mario Bertulli, Italian shoe maker and the founder of the company wanted to meet the expectations of clients who were seeking to gain some additional centimeters of height and comfort, offering high heels for men without any visible heel! How was it possible?

For three generations, Bertulli has spread his name, being a synonymous of style and his philosophy, to become a trustful brand, well-known and appreciated by short men.

« Our goal is to ensure that people can grow instantly with high heel shoes for men, from 5 to 10 cm without changing the appearance of the shoe. » Nobody from the surroundings could spot the difference between normal shoes and high heels for men, because the secret of these magical shoes was hidden inside!

Mario Bertulli offers a great collection of high heels for men: luxury shoes, business shoes, sport shoes and casual shoes. You do not have to worry, Mario Bertulli’s high heels for men are comfortable and they will be perfect for any situation in your life. They guarantee the right body posture and sure step, so short men will be “forced” to stay and walk straight. They will gain additional centimeters naturally and thanks to a high heel.

Mario Bertulli offers high heels for men with hidden high heels, which guarantees more confidence, a sure step and a better posture - more appropriated for the comfort of your back.

Mario Bertulli’s high heels for men are handmade, with very special attention given to the comfort, design and materials used.

If you try Bertulli’s high heels for men, you will immediately feel the difference and their positive effects on emotional and professional life.

Bertulli’s large range of models gives you a unique possibility to choose the correct high heels for men that would suit all styles and expectations. If you have any question or doubt, feel free to contact us at 377 92 05 59 15. Our consultants Valentina, Isabell and Loretta will advise you the right product amongst our large range of high heel shoes for men.

You will find the full range of our lift shoes for men with hidden high heels on Bertulli’s Internet webpage, as well as practical information concerning the shipping of your parcel and testimonials from some of our loyal customers. Our high heels for men will keep up to your step!

High heels for men


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