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Elevator shoes

Elevator shoes are becoming more and more popular among our male customers. Fortunately, there are some solutions and innovations which let them make their dreams come true and look a little bit taller even if it seemed to be too late... Mario Bertulli allows men to grow instantly, from 5 up to 10 centimeters with his lift up shoes.

Mario Bertulli’s elevator shoes are fully handmade, elaborated from the best quality of leather by experienced craftsmen. They have a one year guarantee covering manufacturer’s fault.

Mario Bertulli has won the hearts of consumers in many countries with elevator shoes.

Don’t feel ashamed to wear elevator shoes to become more confident and attractive. Do you know that our shoes have already gained sympathy of many people, including stars and celebrities? Read our article “Who wear elevator shoes?” to see that there is nothing strange and embarrassing in wearing lift up shoes! Anyway, the appearance of the Mario Bertulli’s elevator shoes is completely discreet so nobody could assume that you are wearing height increasing shoes.

The number of loyal customers is still fast-growing. Mario Bertulli elevator shoes are comfortable, adapt well to the feet and, thanks to the quality of materials used and techniques of elaboration, they let your feet breathe. Your legs won’t be tired, even after a whole day of wearing your Mario Bertulli’s shoes.

Elevator shoes

On Mario Bertulli’s website, you can choose the model of high heels for men which will be right for you. Our height increasing shoes exist in many different models. You will appreciate our luxury collection of shoes for men, business shoes and sport shoes which let you adapt your look to any occasions or situations.

Mario Bertulli’s elevator shoes will accompany you in any situation of your life and will let you feel more confident with 5 or even 10 additional centimeters. Thanks to inner insole, completely integrated to the shoe and invisible from outside, your elevator shoes will have normal look and nobody will discover your “sweet secret”.

Discover Mario Bertulli’s elevators shoes and express your true personality

Stand up to the challenge – Mario Bertulli is waiting for you with its height shoes! Read our article “A worldwide fashion” to understand the phenomenon of elevator shoes. Once you will discover height increasing shoes, you will always wear them at the office, for parties, family events and celebrations.

Feel good, be confident next to your female partner wearing high heels and, the most important thing, and don’t let your short height hide your true personality!


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