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50 years of success: 1972-2022

This is the story of a man from Brescia (Italy), Mario Bertulli, who devoted himself to Italian mens shoes. Being the visionary that he was, he decided to rise to the expectations of men seeking to gain in height, stature, and comfort.

For three generations, the brand Mario BERTULLI, known throughout Europe for its high quality Italian shoes and its contribution to the well-being of its customers has been able to uphold its name, style, and philosophy.

Finest craftmanship - Italian legacy

The shoes from the Goodyear and Luxury categories manufactured by Mario Bertulli are a prime example of Handmade and high-end products. Starting from design, creativity and style, up to the actual production, the entire production process is entirely made by hand by highly qualified personnel having great skills in the luxury shoes sector. Mario Bertulli products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials. The Handmade production surpasses the logic of the standard product and guarantees a high level of product customization.

Thanks to 50 years of experience and a tradition which began in Brescia, Mario Bertulli has managed to give its production a touch of great quality, a distinguished player in the luxury shoes market.