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There is something magic about Bertulli’s shoes. What makes them special? These secret shoes will make you grow from 5 to 10 centimeters immediately. Why is it so? Thanks to height increasing insole which is completely integrated within the shoes and hardly noticeable by others. It will be the secret known only by you.

Bertulli has been producing his secret shoes for 40 years. This Italian shoe maker decided to create shoes for men in any style – modern, elegant, sporty or casual. He added a height increasing insole which doesn't change the outside appearance of the heel nor the shoe itself to create something innovative and helpful for many men.

Choose your favorite model of secret shoes for men that make you grow and feel comfortable all the time.

These Bertulli’s secret shoes are made from the best quality leather, by Italian shoemakers with many years of experience. The brand is trying to follow modern trends. We are here for the ones who feel forgotten by the footwear industry.

Bertulli offers you an instant gain of height and, at the same time, the feeling of self-confidence and a better posture (better comfort for your back).

We advise you to try these secret shoes - you will feel their positive effects immediately.

Bertulli has been well-known for 3 generations throughout the whole Europe, for the quality of his secret shoes and their contribution to the well-being of all his customers. The brand has established its name and philosophy and has won the trust of its loyal customers.