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Built up shoes for men

There is a wide range of built up shoes for men which can accomplish miracles. They can make you feel more self-confident, more comfortable and more courageous to realize your professional projects. These built up shoes for men can make you look taller from 5 to 10 centimeters. It’s been scientifically proven that taller men succeed more often than short men in their professional career. Don’t let your height define your future and your prosperity – try Bertulli’s built up shoes for men made in Italy and achieve everything you want now.

Bertulli has been present in thefootwear industry for 40 years. It’s an Italian brand, created by an Italian shoemaker, Mario Bertulli. He wanted to create an elegant line of built up shoes for men who will offers the newest trends and tendencies in fashion. He introduced a height increasing insole to the construction of his shoes which is completely integrated within the sole and invisible to all.

Choose your favorite model of built up shoes for men, gain additional centimeters and feel comfortable all the time.

Bertulli selects for his customers shoes from four categories: luxury, business, casual, sporty. You will find built up shoes for men in any style and any color you want on Bertulli’s website.

Bertulli guarantees to his clients express delivery, directly to their homefull satisfaction.


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