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Mario Bertulli’s Brescia Museum in Italy

It was after returning from a trip to the USA that Mario Bertulli decided to create his own brand of shoes. In 1972, he launched the first pair of height increasing shoes, capable of raising a man’s stature from 5 to 10 cm, without an apparent high heel. These handcrafted shoes, made in Italy by Mario Bertulli himself, met with great success. Men are won over by the concept: an elevator shoe, which helps you gain several centimeters, in complete discretion.

Mario Bertulli’s Brescia Museum

Heir to a dynasty of shoemakers, Mario Bertulli was born with precious family know-how passed down for 3 generations. Inventor of the elevator shoe, the man from Brescia in Italy has become famous thanks to his innovative concept and the quality of his hand-made designs. With the business continued by his two daughters, the Bertulli tradition is today more alive than ever, and the genius of the man "with a crooked shoemaker's thumb" is now known by more than 650,000 satisfied customers around the world.

A Mario Bertulli museum has even been opened in his honour: it is in Brescia, Italy, where the whole story of his height increasing shoes began. You can visit and admire the collector's items, famous original creations of the talented master shoemaker, and discover the fascinating adventures of Mario Bertulli.

Mario Bertulli Museum:

292 Via Sant'Orsola

25135 Brescia BS


Musée Mario Bertulli.JPG

A place renowned for the latest trends, it is in Monaco that Mario Bertulli has chosen to open its first showroom for men.