At Mario Bertulli-Charlet S.A.M., world’ s largest Bertulli shoes mail-order retailer, our number one goal is your satisfaction. We feel that you should get all the information you need about your Bertulli shoes and take your time before placing your order.

This is the reason why, in this special section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the ORIGINAL Bertulli shoes – and of course, the answers!

1. Are Mario Bertulli shoes really comfortable ?

The answer to that question is definitely “YES”. Just read the testimonials from satisfied wearers of Bertulli shoes. Bertulli shoes are made of best-quality, extra-soft leather. Their special footbed provides optimum fit. You won’t even notice the wedge that makes you 2 1/2, 3.2 to 3.9 inches taller.

Our tip:

Check out our large collection and try two totally different height increasing models, for example one that makes you 2 1/2 inches taller and another that makes you 3.2 or 3.9 inches taller. You, too, will say: “I feel wonderfully comfortable in every type of Bertulli shoe!”

2.Are Mario Bertulli shoes meant for everyday wear?

Here again, the answer is a loud ‘YES! ORIGINAL Mario Bertulli shoes are perfect everyday shoes. Whether casual or formal, Bertulli has the perfect footwear for every occasion.

Leading shoemakers recommend: once you have worn a pair of shoes, give them a day to rest. This will help protect the leather and keep your shoe in shape for life. Buy 2 pairs of Mario Bertulli shoes! This will make following Rule #1 of shoe care easy – plus you will enjoy your Mario Bertullis for a long, long time! Order them here!


3. Are height-increasing Mario Bertulli shoes good for my health?

Believe it or not: ever since 1972, when Bertulli put its first height increasing shoes on the market, countless studies have examined this point. The result:

Mario Bertulli height-increasing shoes are good for your back and posture. The hidden interior wedge leads to an improved upright posture and gait. ORIGINAL Mario Bertulli shoes give you the proper erect posture that has a very positive impact on your height! Try now!

4. Do I have to alter the length of my pants when wearing Bertulli shoes?

No need to buy new pants (unless you don’t like the ones you are wearing). More seriously: If your pants fit perfectly, i.e. just reach the heel of your normal shoes at the back, there is no need to change anything to your usual menswear.

5. How does the triple guarantee work?

At Mario Bertulli-Charlet S.A.M. the elevator shoes world's leader, our main goal is your satisfaction! With our triple return policy, you have 60 days to return, exchange or refund.

We only have one little request:

When trying on the shoes, preferably at home or at the office, stand on a rug or carpet to avoid damaging the soles.

Now is the time to try on your first pair of Bertulli shoes and enjoy the feeling!

6. What if I want to exchange or return my shoes?

Simply send them back to:

Société Charlet chez
1ère Avenue 5191M - ZI de Carros
BP 631
06517 Carros Cedex 1

Mario Bertulli-Charlet S.A.M. is a well-known international company. Since we ship from abroad, we do ask that you pay the postage to return goods to us, in order to ensure their proper delivery. You will find our postal address on the invoice that is automatically sent with your shoes.

So you see, there is nothing to worry about! Go ahead and order now! ORIGINAL Mario Bertulli shoes sell fast. Do not miss a good thing. You are just a click away!