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Men’s elevator dress shoes 

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Considered to be the number 1 distributor in the elevator shoe market, Mario Bertulli now has more than 300,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Since 1972, Mario Bertulli - the inventor of the height increasing shoe concept - has allowed men to regain self-confidence. Our height increasing shoes, including height increasing formal shoes, allow men to gain from 5 cm to 10 cm, in a few seconds, and always with the greatest discretion. Our range of men's business shoes and men’s elevator dress shoes are for men who want to look taller when dressed for the business world. 

Height increasing formal shoes, with Italian style
Is it true that taller people are more likely to succeed in life? Whether you are a businessman, a company employee or someone wishing to look taller on the day of a job interview, Mario Bertulli’s elevator dress shoes are stylish, comfortable and upscale. Discover our range of formal elevator shoes, including
derbies, oxfords and many more. Mario Bertulli offers men the possibility of raising their stature by several centimetres, without any apparent high heel. Join the Mario Bertulli community today and share our secret with the many politicians, movie stars and business people who have trusted us before.

Quality men's business shoes
Our men’s elevator dress shoes are crafted from leather with character, and we prioritise comfort and quality. Mario Bertulli’s height increasing formal shoes are equipped with an invisible lift, integrated into the shoe and offering excellent ankle support, for a long day at work. Your feet will never hurt again and your new height will help you gain confidence. Order your first pair of Mario Bertulli men's business shoes today and get free delivery from $220. Return costs are also 100% free on any first order.

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