Choosing a shoe with an elevated insole for men means increasing height by 5 to 10cm, without effort and with no apparent high heel.


Is it possible for a man who is 1m70 tall, to have self-confidence, to flourish at work and in private life? Yes, of course. Height increasing shoes worn all over the world by men looking to gain height, whether they're 5'7" or 6'2".

Mario Bertulli: a unique heritage in the field of height increasing shoes.

 The story of Mario Bertulli is first and foremost a human story.

Mario Bertulli from Brescia (Italy) had the idea of meeting the expectations of men seeking to gain height and comfort. By creating the brand of height increasing shoes Mario Bertulli chooses to put all his passion at the service of Italian handcrafted men's footwear.


Why choosing to wear men’s elevated insole?

Discretion guaranteed thanks to the elevated insole fixed in the heel. This anatomically shaped insole discreetly increases the height by several centimetres depending on the model.

The little extra of Mario Bertulli's height increasing shoes.

 Our shoes are worn by over 300,000 customers worldwide since 1972. Our customers appreciate the quality, comfort and competitive price of our height increasing shoes


  • A free delivery from 100 euros purchase and a secure payment,
  • A guarantee satisfied or refunded during 15 days on the 1st order,
  • Timeless Italian design


Buy now your men's height increasing shoes in our online store and enjoy immediate and comfortable effect of the elevated insole. The little extra that makes you feel a little more confident.

Don't hesitate to contact us on 00 377 92 05 59 15 or 06 07 93 02 99 for further Information.

Our expert team is at your disposal.

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