+2.2'' / +5,5 cm

Find out more about Sassello blue +2.2'' / +5,5 cm

Casual and trendy

Very confortable and modern,  this leather Weave Detail Flat model and his high quality leather is absolutely trendy next summer! This sneaker is absolutely original with the padded collar.

Leather upper, leatherinterior, synthetic sole.


Height increase: :
+2.2'' / +5,5 CM
Uppers: :
Lining: :
Leather / Textile
Sole: :
Colours: :
Style :
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Bigger +2.2'' / +5,5 cm

Our secret

Do you want to gain a few centimetres without it being obvious how? And without using the basic heel pads that are rigid, uncomfortable and unsightly?

Mario BERTULLI elevator shoes have the perfect solution to meet your expectations—high quality shoes that hide a unique system allowing you to instantly gain up to 10 cm in height... And without those around you suspecting anything.

The special BERTULLI manufacturing process incorporates a reinforced inner sole at the heel of the shoe. Its anatomical and contoured shape respects the arch of the foot for ease and unbeatable comfort.
The exterior appearance of the shoe is perfectly normal...no thicker heels.  You grow from within, your silhouette appears slimmer, and your growth secret is well kept.

The integrated inner sole that can go up to 6cm depending on the model is added to the standard heel (2-3 cm depending on model)  for an increase in height of a maximum of  +10cm.

Trust our expertise, take your time and make your choice.

                     Leave the rest to us.

                                      We handle your order quickly, satisfactorily and discreetly.

How do I choose my size?

Measure the length of the foot

When you buy Mario BERTULLI shoes, choose the size you normally wear. The most effective way to get the right size is to measure the length of the foot.

To do this, place your bare foot on a piece of paper; With a pencil, draw your footprint. Then measure the length from the heel to the toe end of the above, and refer to table size guide below.

Remark: If you are between two sizes, we recommend you take the next size up.


Table size guide

Foot length
FR Shoe size
(Mario Bertulli)
UK Shoe size
US Shoe size
IT Shoe size
24.4 - 24.9 cm384537
24.9 - 25.4 cm395638
25.4 - 26 cm406739
26 - 26.6 cm417840
26.6 - 27.1 cm428941
27.1 - 27.8 cm4391042
27.8 - 28.5 cm44101143
28.5 - 29.2 cm45111244

If you are still not sure, do not hesitate to contact our customer service advisors who will happily advise you.

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Triple guarantee

Triple guarantee

Triple garantie Charlet chaussures

1) If you do not immediately notice a visible 5 cm lift when using these shoes (without other people suspecting why), or if you do not like the shoes, just send them back to us within 30 days in the condition in which they were bought and we will refund the price (excluding carriage) no question asked.

2) If the shoes are not the right size, simply send them back undamaged within 30 days. 

When trying on the shoes, stand on a rug or carpet to avoid damaging the soles.

3) Your secret is safe with us; shoes are sent in plain unmarked packaging that is securely wrapped.

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The secret Mario Bertulli

Our secret is absolutely invisible!
The riser is not on the outside, but well hidden inside. This unique concept is a stroke of genius, which immortalizes Mario Bertulli forever in the hearts of men.


Reinforced comfort for better support

Reinforced sole

For ease and impeccable comfort

Standard heel

Normal height (no heel high at Mario Bertulli)

The secret Mario Bertulli

From +5cm to +10cm


Use of the finest leathers


Design and finishes studied for all our models

From +5cm to +10cm