The Mario BERTULLI secret

Gain up to 10 cm (3.9”) in height in just 2 seconds

Would you like to gain a few centimetres in height, very discreetly, but find basic insoles too rigid, uncomfortable or unsightly?

The Mario BERTULLI range of height-increasing footwear offers the ideal solution: high quality shoes concealing a unique platform sole that will increase your height by up to 6 cm (2.4”) instantly…. And nobody will notice a thing.

Special design

The unique Mario BERTULLI system includes a reinforced sole at the heel. The anatomically profiled shape fits to the arch of the foot for impeccable ease and comfort.

From the outside, the shoe looks completely normal, and the heel does not appear to be raised or even thicker than usual.

In addition to the standard heel (2 to 3 cm, or 0.8 to 1.2”, depending on the model), an insole offers an extra 7-8 cm (2.8 - 3.1”), depending on your chosen shoe.



Our philosophy is to help men stand taller, to change their lives and how they feel about themselves, enhancing their self-confidence, whether in their workplace, at home or in social settings. We offer them a happier life.

We allow men not just to instantly gain height, but to walk with more assuredness and self-confidence, and improved posture, standing straighter to relieve strain on the back. Our customers quickly come to view these many advantages as essential.

Try on a pair of Mario BERTULLI height-increasing shoes, and you’ll immediately see and feel the difference and positive benefits!