Boost your self-confidence: tips to increase your self-esteem

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Boost your self-confidence: How to accept your physical appearance?

  1. How to accept your physical appearance?
  2. Re-evaluate it’s criteria of beauty
  3. The keys to self-confidence
  4. Adopt height !

Boost your self-confidence: How to accept your physical appearance?

How to accept a physique that does not meet the criteria imposed by the tabloids? Indeed, in a society where physical appearance is of paramount importance, it is not easy to find one's place. The first cause of lack of self-confidence is generally due to a lack of acceptance of one's physique. The way you look at yourself is the key to your balance. Several methods exist to finally come to accept yourself. You can try to adopt a style of clothing that will "hide" what makes you feel complex, medicine can also be a solution with the use of cosmetic surgery. However, if the latter is used without first having done a real work of acceptance, it can result in an escalation in the abuse of these transformation techniques. Accepting oneself means working on oneself, accepting the inevitable role of genetics and the way others look at us.
How to accept your physical appearance

Boost your self-confidence: re-evaluate its criteria of beauty

What is beauty? This question is recurrent but has no real answer. Thus, we agree that beauty is subjective. The lack of physical self-confidence is a consequence of the ideal of beauty that we make for ourselves. To get rid of this complex, look at yourself as objectively as possible and stop devaluing yourself. Defining beautiful is like talking about the sex of angels. It is a value of human thought in the same way as Good and Evil. Some people agree that all human beings know what is beautiful although they are not unanimous on what is beautiful. So, don't torture yourself with criteria of beauty that are imposed on you by social pressure.

Boost your self-confidence: the keys to self-confidence

Putting an end to the lack of physical self-confidence starts with a daily work of self-esteem building. Indeed, instead of talking about your physical defects, what if you thought about finding physical assets? You find yourself short? Why not consider Zach Efron, Daniel Radcliffe or Mark Whalberg as a model? These small men have all succeeded in their artistic careers. You still think you're too short? Ask yourself if this criterion really makes you a less competent person. Having physical self-confidence is acquired through the development of habits. Some exercises can be put in place on a daily basis: find yourself 5 compliments every morning, fix your look, take care of your body instead of martyring it, stop comparing yourself to others. Another piece of advice: go around and ask your friends and family what physical assets you have in their eyes, you'd be surprised at the answers.
les clés de la confiance en soi

How to have physical self-confidence: adopt height !

After the weight complex, the height complex is the most common, mainly among men. In many societies, the size of the man is a determining criterion of social status. Fortunately, other much less traumatic methods exist to gain inches. Indeed, thanks to the Mario Bertulli high shoe, you can now grow from 5 to 10 cm in all discretion. The secret of subterfuge lies in the way it is made. To allow you to look taller naturally, the designer of the heightening shoe has integrated an anatomical heightening that will raise the foot naturally, without anything being visible from the outside. You can get this jewel of technology on the site sold on the site Being small is no longer a fatality!

How to have physical self-confidence

Being short when you are a man can be a real way of the cross. But this physical attribute is not an unassailable end. I am a small man and I have been the victim, like most of you, of mockery and complexes, especially as a teenager. To make up for what I perceived as a physical defect, I started playing sports, hoping to compensate for my short stature with a developed musculature. As an adult, thanks to my best friend, I discovered the height elevating shoe. She knew about the Mario Bertulli brand through social networks and the good comments that were left there. The promise of gaining a few inches naturally, without being visible externally, immediately appealed to me. Once at the feet, I was bluffed by the natural result, the comfort and the beauty of the shoe.
booster sa confiance en soi en adoptant de la hauteur

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