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how to look tallerNowadays, societal beauty standards tend to penalise short men. Indeed, in the minds of the common man, the image of a successful man is that of a big and strong man.

Yes, but nature has not created us all in the same way, and the world is made up of tall men, average men and short men who often feel complicated by the fact that they do not belong to this norm, which may seem discriminatory to them. If you are a short man and are wondering how to look taller - Mario Bertulli has put together a list of tips here to help you look taller in height.

  1. Dress monochromatically
  2. Opt for vertical stripes
  3. Work on your posture
  4. Use the accessories to draw the eye to the top of your body
  5. Wear the right shoes
  6. Wear tight-fitting clothes
  7. Cut your hair short or tie it up
  8. Take care of your build
  9. Make good use of the V-neck

1. How to look bigger with the colours of your outfit

The art of wearing the right colours is probably the first thing to master when you want to look taller. A short man should therefore avoid drawing too much attention to his clothes. To enlarge your silhouette, adopt plain and monochromatic outfits by creating outfits in discreet colours, always in close shades.

Small men: colours to avoid

● Banish colourful outfits from your wardrobe! Clumsily mixed colours and heavy prints add too much information to the outfit and make the silhouette look heavier.

● Don't "break" your silhouette by avoiding wearing a colour on the top that would match the colour of your trousers. As mentioned above, wearing homogeneous tones will accentuate the vertical of your body.

Small men: colours to avoid

2. How to look taller with vertically striped patterns

Vertical stripes give an impression of length. In fashion, vertical stripes are also used to visually refine the silhouette. To make the most of the stretching power of this advantageous print, opt for fine stripes rather than wide stripes.

3. How to look taller with good posture

Adopting a proud and upright posture will not only allow you to gain a few centimetres in height, it could also solve a backache problem! To look taller, always try to keep your posture in mind. The more you think about it, the straighter you'll become in your home. Have a confident figure, a straight head, a rounded torso, upright shoulders... Exercise, strengthen your back and work on your abdominal muscles, the result will be better.

Short men: how to avoid bad posture at work

If you work on a computer, don't slouch in your chair. Always think: back straight, head up! Adjust the screen to your eye level so you don't have to bend your back to look at it. If you are using a laptop, there are commercially available supports to raise it. To work on your screen, try working on a standing desk or sitting on a Swiss ball.

Comment paraître plus grand - leviter mauvaise posture au travail

4. How to look bigger with accessories

Accessories play a major role in the visual harmony of an outfit. Smaller men: learn to use them as assets to draw attention to your upper body rather than your lower body.

Which accessories to choose?

Hats, glasses, scarves, ties, bow ties and caps are among the accessories that can help you look taller. Don't choose accessories that are too big, as they may reverse the desired result. It is advisable to respect your physical proposals, prefer small tie bows, well-fitting glasses, and don't get lost in an oversized scarf or under an oversized hat.
*Tip: Choose a jacket or waistcoat with an active button above the navel.

Short men: Accessories to avoid

In general, be careful not to accessorize the lower body. Belts have an unfortunate tendency to accentuate the hip line and visually cut the body in half. Shoes that are too big will systematically draw the eye to the lower body and will have a heavier effect.

5. How to look taller with a pair of shoes

To grow up quickly women wear heels, and why not men? You'll tell us that obviously a man in heels - it's not done! Well, did you know that it is possible to grow several centimetres, thanks to a men's shoe whose heel hidden inside the shoe is both comfortable and totally undetectable? The men's height increasing shoe has been around since 1972! And today it is available in several styles, models, colours and heels. Why deprive yourself of it, the effect is bluffing, the shoe is comfortable and you can gain up to 10 cm in height, in all discretion.

How to look taller with a pair of shoes

6. How to look taller thanks to the cut of clothes

Tight-fitting garments that are neither too tight nor too loose will tend to refine your silhouette and accentuate its length. To slim down your body shape, opt for a slim-fitted jacket, cut a little short, and for 7/8ths trousers that reveal your ankles.

Short men: clothing cuts to avoid

As a general rule, ban wide-fitting clothes. Avoid overly long shirts and jumpers that will tend to shorten your legs, shorts and short sleeves. Also, don't wear trousers with turn-ups that crush the silhouette and draw the eye to the lower body.

7. How to look taller thanks to your haircut

If you want to take care of your appearance to look taller, your haircut also has a role to play. Keep it short and clear at the nape of the neck. While a volumizing brush or blow dry can help you gain 1 to 2 centimetres, an Afro or men's bun bun can provide a great lift.

Small men: haircuts to avoid

If you want to look taller, be aware that long hair will tend to pull your figure down.

Small men: haircuts to avoid

8. How to look taller thanks to your healthy lifestyle

It goes without saying that an athletic body is bound to appear less packed than the other way round. Nor is it a question of having overly swollen muscles, which again will have a crushing effect on your stature. If you're too wrapped up, you'll look smaller. So take care of your body. Healthy eating and exercise are the keys to good health that affects your appearance.

Small men: a healthy lifestyle to avoid

To stay slim and look taller, avoid junk food at all costs, avoid snacking, alcohol abuse and a sedentary lifestyle.

9. How to look taller: the secret of the v-neck

As explained above, posture is a very important part of the list of tips for looking taller. This is where the V-neck comes in. Its V-shaped cut will tend to open up the torso to give it a more rounded visual effect, it will also clear the shoulders and draw attention to the upper body. This winning trio is the best friend of short men!

How to look taller: the secret of the v-neck